November 2013

Sunday, December 1st

Don't miss our grand opening on SATURDAY, 12/7. It's a great way to tour the spot, win some neat raffles, have some great eats (aka - BBQ and more!) and participate in a free workout at 10:30AM. 

As a reminder, for those of you feeling pie/turkey overload, just a reminder that we are offering the chance to SAVE 20% on ANY membership for up to 14 months. 

Limited Time..The deal is available only until Friday, 12/6

If you'd like to hold a discounted membership or have any questions, please contact us at and schedule your complimentary one-on-one training session.

Don't forget to RSVP for our grand opening - RSVP HERE





  • MONDAY - 5:30AM, 7:00AM, 5:30PM, 6:30PM
  • TUESDAY - 6:00AM, 7:00AM, 5:30PM, 6:30PM, 7:30PM
  • WEDNESDAY5:30AM, 7:00AM, 5:30PM, 6:30PM
  • THURSDAY - 6:00AM, 7:00AM, 5:30PM, 6:30PM, 7:30PM
  • FRIDAY5:30AM, 7:00AM, 5:30PM, 6:30PM
  • SATURDAY - 9:00AM & 10:00AM
  • SUNDAY - 10:00AM 


SCHEDULE LINK  - please be sure to RSVP for classes


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Saturday, November 30th


Plank hold test

Ring Dips



500M Row - everyone starts together then completes the below:

50 Burpees

40 Air Squats

30 Ball Slams

20 V-Ups

10 Pull Ups

20 V-Ups

30 Ball Slams

40 Air Squats

50 Burpees


**One partner works at a time - alternate every 5 reps**


Post time to comments



The Workout: Christmas Abbott via NYT


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Friday, November 29th

Only two classes today at 10AM and 11AM



Push Press





"Out of this World"

15 minute AMRAP

15 Thrusters

15 Pullups

15 Burpees 

*scale pull ups with ring rows


Post load and time to comments. 




The Six Pillars of Life Balance

The Movement Fhix - great articles

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Thursday, November 28th




No class today. Friday's Schedule: 10AM and 11AM

GRAND OPENING: December 7th from 9AM - 1PM. Check out our invite on Facebook 


On behalf of the staff of CrossFit 06830, we want to wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving. We're very blessed and appreciative for all your support and are proud to have you part of our family.

Get ready to hit it hard tomorrow to burn off all those holiday goods! 



When you train and what it might mean about you and your exercise


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Wednesday, November 27th

Ladies doing work!

REMINDER: No class tomorrow. See you Friday!









KB Swings

Toes to Bar (t2b)

*Check the video for tips on T2B*


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Toes to Bar Tips

Ask the Doc: I have lower back pain via Tabata Times

 Handstand Push up Therapy and Mobility

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Grand Opening : DECEMBER 7th


Join us on Saturday, December 7th from 9AM - 1PM for our Grand Opening! Come out and meet some awesome people, enjoy delicious food, maybe break a sweat, enter to win some raffle prizes, tour the facility and more! We'll have a Q&A at 9:45AM and 12PM and a 10:30AM workout (suitable for all levels). 



Curious about CrossFit but not sure if it's for you? Why not stop by and see what it's is all about! 

For everyone coming to our Grand Opening, we are also hosting a holiday food drive "Fitness Starts with Food" where we've partnered with hundreds of other gyms. This food drive is to help those less fortunate this holiday provide healthy meals for themselves and their families. If you'd like to donate, we will be accepting donations. For more information visit:

Hope to see you there!


For more information - check our Facebook invite

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Tuesday, November 26th

Thanksgiving Schedule

  • Wednesday - 6AM & 7AM and 6:30PM
  • Thursday - CLOSED
  • Friday - 10AM & 11AM
  • Saturday - Regular 9:30AM and 10:30AM




Burgener Warm Up

Power Clean (click link for tips)

3-3-3-3-3  or work on technique 



Metcon (last time we did this)

"Round Up"

4 rounds of:

90 sec to complete 

20 OHL (with a plate)

6 push ups

In the remaining time as many air squats

60 second rest Between Rds


***Score is total # of air squats completed***


Post load and reps to comments.




The Kipping Pull up - offline thoughts

3 Stretches to Prevent Tweaky Wrists 

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Monday, November 25th

Monday already?


Back Squat






AMRAP 10 Minutes

500M Row

15 Wallballs


Post load and rounds to comments.




Top Ten Mistakes CrossFitters Make

5 Things Mentally Tough People DON'T DO

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New Class Starting 12/9/13: LADIES FIRST

"Who said chivalry was a thing of the past?


You hear it all the time…

“CrossFit has changed me so much”......“My gym is like my second family”


You see it….

“Your friend who just started CrossFit, looks absolutely phenomenal”.


But you think…

“I haven’t worked out in a while.I don’t think I’d be able to keep up with the people in classes.”


Don’t worry – we’re here to let you know that we are here to help and provide you with a welcoming training environment that smashes the hesitation you might have about trying us out.


We realize that working out in an unintimidating environment that builds camaraderie and gives women the chance to experience the empowerment of CrossFit is part of what has made so many happy beginnings (not happy endings).


We want you to experience how Strong is Beautiful”.


Presenting the CrossFit 06830 “Ladies First” Program

And it’s super easy (like 3 steps easy).

  • Step 1: You can see yourself in your new workout outfit, pushing yourself to work hard, but having fun with your friends, benefiting from the coaching and the family like community
  • Step 2: You schedule yourself a free 1-on-1 assessment with our “ladies first” coach or schedule a free 1-on-1 assessment for you and a friend.
  • Step 3: If you decide to join, our coach will work with you on your goals to get you to becoming the best YOU that you can be.


There are no gimmicks or sales pitches. You’ll become part of our family


And we promise, to show you “Ladies First” is not a thing of the past.  


Email us for more Classes start December 9th.

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Sunday, November 24th



Happy Sunday! Today is a REST DAY.



Kids are less fit today via NPR


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