November 2013

Wednesday, November 13th

Yes I Crossfit - Jacinto Bonilla. Age is nothing but a number.



Double Unders




"Still Standing"

20 min AMRAP

10 DB Shoulder to Overhead (S2O)

15 Weighted Sit ups

10 DB Squats 


Post rounds to comments. 



Paleo Thanksgiving Recipes

What your skin says about how long you'll live via TIMES Magazine


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Tuesday, November 12th



Burgener Warm Up

DB Squat (heavy) 5x5 - 60 sec rest



"Double Time"

2 Rounds for max reps

2 minutes of weighted overhead walk - 1 minute of rest

2 minutes of push ups - 1 minute of rest

2 minutes of weighted step ups - 1 minute rest   


Post load and reps to comments.



Beginners Guide to Handstands

Questions about CrossFit - Did you know there's a public CrossFit Board/Forum - it's free and has tons of information! 


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Monday, November 11th


KB Swings 5x5 (heavy) rest 1:00 minute between sets

DB Bent over Rows 5x8 rest 1:00 minute between sets




10 Min AMRAP

10 Wallballs

15 KB Swings

Post rounds to comments.  



History of Veterans Day 

Homeostasis: The Basis of Training via Catalyst Athletics

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Sunday, November 10th


Lazy Sunday.

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Saturday, November 9th



Wall Walks 15s hold

DB Strict Press 10 x 3, 45s rest 


Metcon - Partner WOD

"Up and Away"

4 Rounds for time

250M Row

10 Burpees

15 V-Ups


Post load and time to comments



V-Ups Demo and Scaling Options

Company's Hourly Exercise  = Success

Wall Walk Demo


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Friday, November 8th



DB Push Press  

Take 15 minutes to work on technique





DB Thrusters  

Step ups



Post load and time to comments.




How to go from good to great in CF via Tabata Times

How to get better push ups 


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Thursday, November 7th

How bad ass is this 


Skill - Gymnastics

Hollow body - introduction to hollow rocks

Ring Holds/Jump to Support 




500M - 1 minute rest

1000M - 2 minutes rest



Post load and time to comments




Prioritization of Gymnastics via Breaking Muscle

Deconstructing Pukie via CF Journal

Permission to Fail via Again Faster


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Wednesday, November 6th



Burgener Warm Up

Bulgarian Lunges 5x6 (each leg) 

Back Extensions 5x5 (3s hold)




4 Rounds for time

30 Double Unders (scale 60 singles)

15 Ball Slams

KB Farmer Carry (down and back/moderate weight)


Post load and time to comments



What's this posterior chain I keep hearing about?

Farmer Carry Demo

Secret Ingredient to Success via NYT

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Fitness Starts with Food



What is true STRENGTH?


….is it displayed by how much weight you can lift?


….is it shown by power and force?


During this holiday season, strength carries a different meaning for us. We believe that STRENGTH is paying forward what we’ve been so fortunate to have and helping others in NEED.


What exactly is this drive?


CrossFit 06830 has partnered with hundreds of other CrossFit gyms in the quest to raise ONE MILLION POUNDS of HEALTHY FOOD for the less fortunate with the Fitness Starts with Food drive.  The food that we raise will be donated to the local food bank in Stamford. Our specific goal is to raise 200LBs in goods.


How does it work?

We will be collecting donations at our gym from

December 7, 2013 through January 4, 2014


Starting on December 9th at 6:30PM & 7:30PM we will be holding a special throw down event every Monday for those who donate. These workouts are for experienced and non-experience CrossFitters so EVERYONE can participate regardless of your experience level.


Your participation scores will be kept on an online leaderboard and the individual with the top score will receive a Grand Prize.


In addition, to thank you for your generosity, for each pound you donate, you will be entered into a raffle for a prize bag filled with great goodies.


For more information regarding what to donate, please visit


CrossFit has a great reputation for the strong sense of COMMUNITY it builds and fosters. Help us continue this tradition and show them how STRONG we are and let’s help those who are in need. 


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Tuesday, November 5th



Burgener Warm Up

DB Clean 12x3, 60s rest  



"Balls out"

12 minute AMRAP 

5 Man Makers

15 Wallballs


Post load and time to comments



Wallball Demo - tips 

Is the 5 second rule true? via VSauce

It's the Sugar Folks via NYT

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