March 2014

Monday March 31st

“It’s just a workout man. Just go out and do it.” – Josh Bridges


Front Squat (2/24)



  • Less Experienced athletes will do 5x5 with empty bar.  If technique is good then add weight on the 4th/5th set



  • Proper Set Up with Bar on Shoulders and in the finger tips
  • Increase the weight each working set



“Out Like a Lamb”

Complete as many rounds as possible in 4 minutes of:

10 DB Thrusters

10 Ring Rows

10 Kettlebell Swings

Rest one minute and repeat. Start the 2nd  round where you left off in the previous round. Post total rounds/reps. 


When in doubt SQUAT via Chet Morjaria

5 Reasons you should be Front Squating via CrossFit Invictus


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Sunday March 30th

*Thoughts on what Dave Castro was probably thinking when he created CF Open WOD 14.5


Push Jerk



  • Less Experienced athletes will do 5x5 with empty bar.  If technique is good then add weight on the 4th/5th set



  • Quick shallow dip with an upright torso
  • Catch the bar overhead with arms fully locked out



Death by Suicides



The Psychology of CrossFit Open Workout 14.5 via PsychologyWOD

Never Doubt, Never Stop via CrossFit Journal

Biography is NOT Destiny via CFNE

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2014 CrossFit Open is in the BOOKS!! What'd you think?


A Note to our Members:


On behalf of Jay and myself, we wanted to reiterate how proud we are of all of you who've joined us over the last 5 weeks of the 2014 CrossFit Open. These workouts were no small feat, and we wanted to acknowledge how awesome ALL your performances were. There were laughs, moments of pain and grit, but most importantly a display of GUTS, PERSERVERENCE and DETERMINATION through every minute. PR's were made and the beauty of the open allowed us to WORK THROUGH our FEARS and DOUBTS to show us that sometimes we are capable of MORE than we THINK. As your coaches, these are the moments that we LOVE! 


We'd also like to acknowledge everyone who has come by to help judge and cheer on our members. There's nothing like the support of your community to help you get through one more rep! We cannot wait to see what the future has in store for all of you .


Take this experience as a small taste of all the big things that your CrossFit journey is headed towards. Remember, this is a marathon, NOT a sprint. Rome was not built in a day! Set your sights on a GOAL or perhaps work on one that you've been neglecting.


Keep Focused....


Stay Thirsty and we'll see you later in the week! 


*What did you think? Leave a comment to tell us about your experience with the open**

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Saturday, March 29th


Congrats to Mike Propst and Debbie on their newest addition Charlotte Reese! She's going to make a fine CrossFitter in a few years.
Coach EJ will be in at 8:30AM if you'd like to come in early to warm up and get some mobility work in.
*This is a long workout, so please let us know if you need to leave early so we can put you in the first heat.
*We're starting promptly at 9AM.


21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:

Thrusters 95#/65#


*there is a 30 minute cap*



Keep your head in it, Tips from Chris Spealler for tomorrow's WOD

Clash of the Champions - Footage from Thursday's battle of 14.5

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Friday March 28th

Watch the Last Open WOD announcement and see the fittest men and women go Head 2 Head.

CrossFit Games



Double Unders



  • Work on Power Jump
  • Efficiency of Turn Over


12 Min AMRAP

6 Strict Pull Ups or Elavated Ring Rows 

- Newer Athletes regular ring rows

12 Sit Ups

- Adv Weighted Sit Ups

Famers Carry down and back in the gym

- Suggested Weights are 45/25 Lbs plates




Elevated Ring Rows via CrossFit 77

Grip Tester via Combat Trainer

Training As We Get Older  via Dan John

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Thursday March 27th

61 Year Old Women Lifting a 400 Lbs Tire






  • Drive throught the heels
  • Bar maintains contact with legs the entire time


*Newer athletes will do suitcase Deadlifts off plates



30 secs of hollowbody holds

10 Good Mornings

- Adv - good mornings with light weight 

- Newer Athletes - technique work 

30-40 sec of Handstand holds

- Newer Athletes will work on kick ups to the wall




Deadlift Set Up via Tabata Times

Going Pro via

On The Rise via CrossFit.Com

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Wednesday March 26th

Prepping for Box Jumps

Details at GymnasticsWOD


Kettlebell Swing



  • Focus on set up and proper hip hinge
  • More experience athletes will work up to  heavy swings




5 Rds

12 Push Press

20 Box Jumps

* 15 Min Cap


  • Choose a weight that allows you to perform the 1st 2 sets of Push Presses Unbroken with Proper Form
  • Land softly on the top of the box

*Less experienced athletes will use DBs instead of a Barbell.



Its All In the Hips via Breaking Muscle

Mobility After Box Jumps via MWOD

The Great Debate via CrossFit Invictus

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Tuesday March 25th



Hang Power Clean



  • Less Experienced athletes will do 5x3 with empty bar.  If technique is good then add weight on the 4th/5th set



  • Recieve The Bar on the Shoulders with Bar in the Fingertips
  • Elbows in Front of the Bar



Taking The Plunge


Row (calories)

Knees to Elbows 

*Novice - scale to weighted sit ups; Scaling - work on rotating hips on K2E



Clean It Up via T Nation

Warm It Up via Breaking Muscle

Be Strong People via CrossFit Southie

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Monday March 24th





Back  Squat (2/24)

5-5-4-4-3-2-2 Increasing weight for each set


  • Focus on set up.  Set up must be the same for each set

New Atheletes - KB Pause Squats with double the number of reps each set.



"Green with Envy"

5 Rounds for Time

15 KBs

10 Burpees 

*KB should be moderately heavy.

*Novice - use light kettlebell to keep moving



Hip Hinge via Dan John

Squats Supreme via T-Nation



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Sunday March 23rd

  • REMINDER: Squat Clinic 101 on Sunday 10AM-11:30AM. No 10AM Class or GOAT class. Sign up here

  • REMINDER: New Class Schedule goes into effect on April 1st.  

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