April 2014


APRIL Athlete of the Month: Susie aka "Sass" 

  • When and how did you first find CrossFit?  I found a Crossfit gym last summer... got hurt, stopped and then found CrossFit 06830 and found my home. I've been a regular since they opened :)
  • What about CrossFit 06830 appealed to you and has kept you involved?  My coaches!!! EJ and Jay have worked with me and my injury, keep me motivated, and have corrected my form.  CrossFit 06830 is a wonderful place with great people.  A lot of positive energy fills the gym:)
  • It takes a lot of commitment to keep showing up, and it’s really something to realize the give and take that people and families make to come in. What keeps you coming in? I come in regularly at night and on the weekends.  I have a goal to look a certain way and feel a certain way.  I need it both physically and mentally.  My coaches and the workouts help keep me sane!
  • What about the community? The CrossFit community is a great group of people that look forward to working out together, support one another, share a love for working out and being their personal best.
  • There’s a lot to get out of a gym like ours other than what happens in classes. Speaking of that, lets hear a bit about you outside of the gym.   I have two daughters that I love to spend as much time as I possibly can; along with my husband.  I also enjoy doing a lot of DIY crafts. My husband and I are also training for a Spartan Challenge this spring.
  • How about hobbies outside of CrossFit? What do you do to relax? Shop, massages and crafts - dinner with my husband and friends is always nice too.
  • Did you have any injuries before CF? How have you dealt with them? Oh yeah... both of my elbows :( I have had cortisone shots in both elbows bilaterally and PT.  I have also slowly worked my way back into the CrossFit game - Thanks EJ & Jay! 
  • Any nicknames?My most recent nickname was given to me by EJ, "Sass" - I like it.  I believe it fits me somewhat.  I do my thing my way, but with drive, determination and a bit of flair or as EJ would say.... SASS  ;)
  • Last stock question: What do you think we should look for in a future Athlete of the Month? Motivation, drive, and a sense of community as well as a sense of self.


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