May 2014

Saturday May 10th

Michael McGreevy

In honor of Navy Lieutenant Michael McGreevy, 30, of Portville, NY, who was killed in Afghanistan June 28.

With heavy hearts we offer our prayers and condolences to his wife, Laura, and 14-month-old daughter, Molly.

The price of freedom, and its worth, is found in Michael's passing. The debt owed to Michael and his family can never be repaid but only honored by remembering Michael and remaining free.

Hero WOD




3 People Per Team

5 rounds for time of:

Run 800 meters

50 Supermans

50 Weighted Sit-ups


Each person must run the 800 once.

All other work can be divided as the team sees fit


Partner not running must do weighted carries in the parking lot until partner completes the 800.

If the implement touches the ground each partner must do 10 burpees per person for each infraction




Those Not To Be Forgotten via Breaking Muscle



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Friday May 9th


Mental Toughness Day

10 RFT

10 Burpees

10 Pull ups

50 DU’s

200m run

*40 minute cutoff* Courtesy of CFLA




Renew Your Vows via Tabata Times

Is Stress Wecking Your Gut via Rob Wolf

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Thursday May 8th



Back Squat


Goals /Keys

  • Focus on Set Up
  • Controled Decent
  • Tight Core





15 KB Swings

10 Push Ups


Rest 2 Mins Repeat




SQUATS   via Polquin Group

Dont Over Think It via Travis Holley

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Wednesday May 7th


Gymnastic Kipping (20 Min Cap)


The below is courtesy of Shane Farmer and CrossFit Invictus


 1) Review and Practice The Hollow Position from the floor. (5-10 Mins)

  • Your lower back, butt, and heels should be touching the ground. Think about pushing your belly button to the floor.
  • Legs and arms straight and together with toes and arms pointed.
  • Staying tight, your head & shoulders come off the ground with ears glued between your shoulders

 2) Partner PVC pipe straight arm pry (5-10 Mins)

  • For this drill, one partner will establish a hollow hold on the floor with a PVC pipe in hand overhead.
  • Partner two will stand overhead of the partner on the floor and hold on to the PVC pipe.
  • The partner on the floor, keeping the elbows absolutely straight, will then pry the PVC pipe down to their hips thinking about engagement through their lats and subscapularis, while the partner standing above, will give a slight resistance (enough so that the PVC pipe keeps moving, but not so much that it stalls in place).
  • Think about placing your big knuckles over the top of the PVC pipe so you maintain a neutral wrist as you pry the PVC pipe down.
  • Each partner should do 3 sets of 5 reps, alternating sets each time




Front Nancy


400 meter run

Front squat, 15 reps

Goals /Keys


  • Make sure you are getting below parrallel on squats
  • Maintain an upright torso
  • Scale down to KB Goblet squats if needed



Goblet Squats via

Sweet Potatoe Hash via CrossFit Invictus

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Tuesday May 6th




Goals /Keys

  • No TOUCH and GO's, Reset before every rep
  • Focus on proper set up for every rep



"May Repeats"

800 M Run or 1000 M Rows

• Max Effort Rest 2 Mins then Repeat


Catching Rays via Marks Daily Apple

Influence via CrossFit Los Angeles

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Monday May 5th

The Women Have Some Skills


Handstand Practice/HSPUs



  • Hollowbody position 
  • Experienced members will work on practicing handstand holds on the wall and HSPUs on the box 
  • New members will work on handstand progressions (kickups, wall support, box progression)


11 Min AMRAP

1K Row/ 800m Run

75 Squats

50 Sit Ups

25 Push Ups

Do burpees for remaining time if you have completed everything before times expires.





There is not One Right Way via

Fitness Is via Tabata Times

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Sunday May 4th



5 x 1


  • Tight Core
  • This is NOT a 1RM Max attempt this is a HEAVY SINGLE form should be perfect on all sets and reps





75 TTB AFAP (10 Min Cap)




Better TTB's via Physiodective.Com


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Saturday May 3rd


"May Day"

Partner WOD Stadium Style

10 Rds For Time


10 Box Jumps



Both Partners Working at the same time

Cannot Move On To Next Movement Until Other Partner is Done





Meditation via Whole Life Challenge

Push Press via Tabata Times



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Friday May 2nd



Front Squat

5 x 1


  • No Fails
  • Try to increase the weight each set



5 RFQ (Rounds for Quality)

5 Ring Dips (Scale Down to Static Holds or Negatives)

10 Strict Pull Ups (Scale Down to Ring Rows, no bands please)

5 Strict TTB



6 Reasone Everyone Should Squat via Poliquin Group

Is Low Calorie Dieting Dangerous via Breaking Muscle

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Athlete of the Month: GIAN

(the guy with the fishing pole - in case you were wondering)

MAY Athlete of the Month: Gian 

  • When and how did you first find CrossFit?  I've always heard and read about Crossfit, but a good friend and my sister where really the ones who made me want to give it shot
  • What about CrossFit 06830 appealed to you and has kept you involved? I joined 06830 for the simple reason that it was so close to my home - isn't there a rule that you should only have gyms within 10 miles of you if want to keep at it? Luckily it takes 3 minutes to get here and makes it really easy to shoot over and keep coming. Its been great though and lucky it opened so close, I had no idea what to look for in a Box or coaches and think I really lucked out with both. 
  • It takes a lot of commitment to keep showing up, and it’s really something to realize the give and take that people and families make to come in. What keeps you coming in? I keep coming in because I enjoy the workouts and seeing some great results. I honestly never thought I'd enjoy it so much and cancelled another gym membership I had for 5 years because I didn't see myself going back.
  • What about the community?  The community has been great. In my first week I was trying to finish up some weighted sit-ups and struggling hard. Every one had finished and started clapping for my last set, that was a first for me and really helped me finish. Very cool intro to the community and one that's repeated every time I go. 
  • There’s a lot to get out of a gym like ours other than what happens in classes. Speaking of that, lets hear a bit about you outside of the gym.   Outside the gym I work in social media and live in Greenwich on the harbor. I moved here a couple years ago after living throughout the country and really love it. My family is from Westchester and was raised only ten miles 
  • How about hobbies outside of CrossFit? What do you do to relax?  I'm all over the place with hobbies. Some friends and I do an annual summer rental in Montauk, so I'm usually fishing, surfing or biking during the summer. I love cooking, especially BBQ'ing, playing cornhole and hiking up in the Catskills (I've almost completed the Catskill 35 - hike all 35 mountains, took me 10+yrs).  
  • Any nicknames? Nicknames, I'm definitely not giving any of those. For some reason my friends and family give me really bad ones. Last year I redid my garden and was called Lawn Boy all summer. 
  • Last stock question: What do you think we should look for in a future Athlete of the Month?  Hmm, AOM, well you picked me, so the criteria can't be that deep! I guess someone who really enjoys the environment, consistently shows up and gives some encouragement when you can't finish your sit-ups. 
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