July 2015

Friday July 31st


Deadlift (XWOD Style)

7x2 (Increasing load every set)

We will be Super Setting with Deadlifts and Box Jumps.  We will toggle back and forth between the deadlift and box jump. We will perform 2 Deadlifts then 2 Box Jumps, then rest 2 minutes. Then perform 2 Deadlifts then 1 Box Jump. Repeat until all sets of deadlifts and box jumps are complete.
The 2 rep box jump(in terms of height) should be a height you are confident with. The 1 rep (in terms of height) should be 1-5" increase. (It should be more difficult...NOT IMPOSSIBLE).
If you miss a rep...it's a FAILED rep...and take note of that in your training log, just as you would for completed sets/reps.

Cash Out (Optional)

You and at least one other person Max Effort Cals on AD in 5 Mins

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Thursday July 30th


Kipping/Pull Ups

5 min of kip swing practice.

Then 4 Sets of Negatives (pull-ups, piked ring rows or ring rows) :60 sec rest between sets. (:10 sec max for negative)





25 Cal on Row 
15 DB Thrusters 
100 Meter Run
Rest 1 minute between Rds

Increase intensity as you go from movement to movement

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Wednesday July 29th




Toes To Bar

Practice supine leg raise, hanging leg raise, toes-to-bar, kipping toes-to-bar for 10 mins
Then 5 minutes deliberate practice of around the worlds.




3 Rds

10 Jump Squats
10 KBS

Rest 2 Min

3 Rds

10 Burpees
10 Ball Slams

Rest 2 Min

3 Rds

10 Cal Row
10 DB Push Press
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Tuesday July 28th


Deliberate Practice:

Choose one BB Squat Movement: Front, Back, OHS and practice for 8 min with just and empty BB.

Then spend 15 Mins then working up to a heavy triple of that movment




DB Renegade rows with push up.
*5 KBS after every set of DB Renegade Rows.  

KB weight should be very heavy as the reps are low.

DB weight should start heavy then decrease as the reps increase.

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Monday July 27th


Deliberate Practice:
Choose one floor-to-shoulder exercise: muscle clean, power clean, power clean + front squat, clean. Drill all  positions slowly 3-4x's, then full movement at speed. (10 min)

Then Spend 8 mins trying to find a heavy double



16 Min EMOM

Even: 2 Clean
Odd: 8-12 Push Ups


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Sunday July 26th

Partner WOD

24 Min AMRAP (Courtesy of DBWOD)

10 Dumbbell Squat Clean
10 Dumbbell Alternating Single Arm Push Press
10 Dumbbell Dead Animal Crunch
10 Dumbbell Reverse Lunge
Special Timing Protocol:
Use a timer set for 40 seconds of work / 20 seconds of rest.   Perform movements and reps (in order) during each 40-second work interval.  No work is performed in the 20-second rest period.   
For example, if you finish the Dumbbell Squat Cleans and are on Rep 2 of the Dumbbell Push Presses at the end the first 40-second work interval, you will rest 20 seconds, and your partner begin the next 40-second work interval on Rep 3 of the Dumbbell Push Press. 
The objective is to perform as many Rounds as possible in 20 minutes.  Getting through all ten reps of all four movements is one Round.

Movement Tips:

The Hang Power Clean starts with the dumbbells in the hang position. Your body will be bending at the waist with your knees slightly bent, then jump and shrug, keeping your arms long and straight as you reach full hip extension. Quickly dip under the dumbbells so you catch them in the power position, in the rack.  Stand all the way up prior to initiating the next repetition.

Alternating Single-Arm Push Press begins with a pair of dumbbells racked on your shoulders.  Dip slightly at the knees, keeping the shoulder stacked directly over the hips.  Don't let your chest come forward.  Explode upward, transferring the energy from your hips and knees into one of the two dumbbells, driving it overhead to lockout.  Return to the rack.  Then repeat, driving the other dumbbell overhead.  Do five reps with each arm before moving on to the corkscrew.

Weighted Dead Animal Crunch is executed laying on your back.  With arms and legs straight in the air (90 degrees to the ground, like a dead cartoon animal), "crunch" by pressing your dumbbells straight up and bringing your head and shoulders off the ground.  .

The Dumbbell Reverse Lunge is performed with two dumbbells held at your side. Step backward into a lunge until your knee kisses the ground.  Return to standing, and then lunge backward with the opposite leg.  Return to standing.  Perform five lunges on each side.

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Friday July 24th


Every 2 Mins for 10 Mins

200m Sprint




Goblet Squat Static Hold – 30 seconds
KB Supported Dead Bugs Hands – 30 seconds
Goblet Squat Static Hold – 30 seconds
KB Supported Dead Bugs Feet – 30 second
L Sit Holds - 30 Secs
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Thursday July 23rd


Deliberate practice:

1) Footwork drills for the split position. Alternate feet. (10 min)
2) Split Jerks (10 min)



20 Min AMRAP

10 Pistols (alternating)
4 Burpees
6 Single-arm dumbbell jerks (each arm)
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Wednesday July 22nd


Full Clean

If you have not performed a full clean before go light (Empty BB is ok)

10 Mins to work up to a Heavy Triple, Then

10 Min EMOM

3 Full Cleans




30 Pull Ups
30 Goblet Squats
30 Hollow Body Rock
30 Push Ups


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Tuesday July 21st


Back Squat 


Increase Weight Each Set




8 Pull Ups
16 KBS 
8 Lunges
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