June 2016

Thursday June 30th, 2016


20 Min AMRAP

6 Weighted Step Ups/ 3 High Box Jumps
6 Ring Assisted Pull Ups/ 3 L Sit Pull Ups
6 HRPU/3 Ring Dips
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Wednesday, June 29th, 2016



5 Bear Complex (DL,HPC,FS, PP,FS,PP)
800m Run
5 Bear Complex (DL,HPC,FS, PP,FS,PP)
400m Run
5 Bear Complex (DL,HPC,FS, PP,FS,PP)
200m Run

Mens Weights 135/115/95

Womens Weights 95/75/55

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Tuesday, June 28th 2016


5 Rds for Max Unbroken Reps

1.5x's BW DL

Take as much time as needed between movements and sets

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Monday June 27th 2016


20 Min EMOM

Option 1

5 BB Push Press (75/55)
6 Toes to Bar
7 Thrusters (75/55)

Option 2

6 BB Push Press (45/35)
6 Sit Ups
6 Thrusters (45/35)

Once you cannot complete the required work in 1 min you are done.

You must get at least 10 Rds so chose the correct level

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Sunday June 26th 2016

Warm Up

Partner Tic Tac Toe

Losing team has to do Burpees




10 DB Row in Plank Position
10 DB Front Squats

While one person performs 1 round, the other person holds a plank

The partner performing the movements can only do so when the other partner is holding a plank. If they need to rest, then the person performing the movements needs to rest too.

20 Min Cap

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Saturday June 25th 2016


30 Min AMRAP

Partners Alternating Rds

Partner Not Working Does 30 AB Mat Sit Ups

200m Run with MB (20/14lbs)
100m Run
10 Burpees To A Plate
20 Lunges 

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Friday June 24th 2016

Skill (10 Mins)

With an EBB review Thruster set up and positions

WOD Prep (15 Mins)

Work Up To A Heavy Thruster

 4 Front Squat the 4 Push Press 
3 Thrusters
2 Thrusters
1 x 3-4 Thrusters


* You aren’t trying to go for your all time max. You are working up to a weight that is heavy for today while focusing on good mechanics.



From 0-3 min perform:
80 Fast Feet Jumps
From 3-6min perform:
40 Fast Feet Jumps
20 Thrusters
From 6-9min perform:
2 Rds
20 Fast Feet Jumps
10 Thrusters
From 9-12min perform:
AMRAP Thrusters
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Thursday June 23, 2016

Warm Up For Strength (10 Mins)


The last set should be just below weight for the set of 5

Strength (10 Mins)

Push Press



5 Rds

3 Push Press @ 5 Rep Weight
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Wednesday June 22nd 2016



1km Row
40 Wall Balls (20/14lbs)
40 Box Jumps (24/20-inch)
30 Ring Pushups
40 KB Swing (24/16kgs)
50 MB Clean
1km Row

25 Min Cap

Scaled Option

500m Row
40 Wall Balls (14/10)
30 45lb Plate Jumps
20 20-inch Box Pushups
30 KB Swing (16/12kgs)
40 MB Clean (14/10lbs)
500m Run
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Tuesday, June 21st 2016

Box Walks Video


Shoulder Mobility/Pullup Prep (10 Mins)




Unbroken Pullups
2 Box Walk Arounds Each Direction

Scale the Pullup to whatever you need to to be able to do them unbroken. For some that may mean using bands or ring rows . You can mix and match during the workout; Scale the movement in the earlier larger sets (Ring Rows), and then as the reps decrease start doing banded pullups unbroken. If you fail a set, you need to start that set again



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