November 2016

Wednesday November 30th 2016

Pain Optional


EMOM 12min

3 Front Squat (185/125lbs)
AMRAP Ring Dip for the remaining minute


EMOM 12min

3 Front Squat (95/65lbs)
AMRAP Push Ups for the remaining minute
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Monday November 28th 2016


OH Squat/BackSquat​

Rest 2 Mins Between Sets

Optional Cash Out

Use 70% of the weight you used for your last set of 3 reps above and perform a OH/Back Squat Ladder —
1 rep on the first minute, 2 on the second minute, so on, until they can no longer perform the amount of reps per minute.

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Sunday November 27th 2016


30 Min AMRAP

4 DB Front Squats
8 Plank Up Plank Downs
12 Lying Toes to Bar
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Friday November 25th 2016


Option #1

"True Grit"

Coutesy by CrossFit Mayhem

For Time:
2000m Row

– Every minute complete –
” Death by Thruster “
*At the 1 min mark, get off the rower and complete 1 Thruster. At the 2 min mark get off the rower and complete 2 Thrusters, and so on until you complete the 2k row*
15 min Time Cap


Option #2

Inspired by CrossFit Linchpin

21-15-9 reps for time of: 
Toes-to-bar/Leg Raises
Calories, Assault Bike 

Rest 10 minutes, then... 

2 Rounds for time of: 
20/15 Calories, Rowing 
40 Ball Slams
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Thursday November 24th 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Only One Class Today at 8:00AM



150 Burpees Box Jumps


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Wednesday November 23rd 2016

Option 1



30 Weighted Lunges Each Leg
400m Run 

Option 2

20 Min EMOM

Odd 5 Deadlifts
Even 15 Weighted Sit Ups
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Tuesday November 22nd 2016


Max Pullups 2- Attempts


Jerk Snatcher

20 Clean and Jerk
20 Snatch
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Monday November 21st 2016


1K Row
50 MB Clean
40 KB Swing
30 Superman
30 V Ups
40 KB Swing
50 MB Clean
1K Row
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Saturday November 19th 2016


16 Min AMRAP

5 Power Clean
8 Pullups/Jumping Pull Ups
30 Double Unders/60 Plate Taps
Partners Alternate Rds
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Friday November 18th 2016


3 Rds

400m Run
30 Feet Anchored Ab Mat Sit Ups
400m Run

Rest 5 Mins

Repeat 2 More times

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