• Tuesday June 24th



    Kettlebell Swing (20 Min Cap)


    Keys to Proper Set Up

    • Feet a bit wider than shoulder width apart toes pointed straight ahead
    • Push back with the hips loading the hamstrings
    • Shins are verticle
    • Start with the kettlebell slightly in fromt of your feet in order to hike it back 1st
    • Pull back on the bell to engage the Lats






    Bench Mark WOD

    "Annie" Retest for April 29th
    50-40-30-20 and 10 reps
    Double-unders/Single w/Power Jumps


    Cash Out

    Posterior Chain Mobility




    Time Changes It Mind Again via Robb Wolf

    Do You Believe via Marks Daily Apple

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  • Tuesday April 29th


    Gymnastic Kipping (25 Min Cap)


    The below is courtesy of Shane Farmer and CrossFit Invictus


    Drill #1 – The Scap Pull-Up

    This movement is simple, but can make or break a pull-up. Establishing the position to pull your scapulae back and down will not only put your shoulder in a better position, but it will also cut down on the range of motion of your pull-up by elevating your chin and clavicle closer to the bar. You will notice a significant improvement in your pull-up speed if you can maintain this position throughout.

    Here is how we suggest getting started:

    • Hang from the bar with hands underneath or just outside of your shoulders.
    • Establish your hollow body position while hanging from the bar.
    • Pull your scapulae down and back – which will result in a slight elevation of your clavicle and chin.
    • Hold this hollow body position with your scapulae down and back for 10 seconds. This is the position we will strive to maintain throughout your pull-ups.



    Drill #2 – Pinkie/Thumb Drill

    The second drill we will practice here is to begin to create some momentum while in our hanging position by simply internally and externally rotating at the shoulder. That can be a bit difficult for folks to remember though, so we’ll simply call it the Pinkie/Thumb Drill.

    Here is how we coach the Pinkie/Thumb Drill:

    • Establish the scap pull-up position – hollow body, scapulae down and back.
    • Start your swing back by pressing your pinkies into the pull-up bar (external rotation) while maintaining your good hollow body position.
    • Move your chin forward by pressing the knuckle of your index finger into the pull-up bar (internal rotation). Your index finger is right next to your thumb, so for convenience we call this phase “thumbs.”

    (You want to stay elevated throughout both the “pinkies” and “thumbs” phases of this movement.)

    Simply externally and internally rotating your shoulders while hanging from the pull-up bar should help you develop a small, gentle swing while on the bar




    Bench Mark WOD

    50-40-30-20 and 10 reps



    Beginner's Guide to CrossFit via Tabata Times

    Beyond Grass Fed via Robb Wolf

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