Box Jumps

  • Friday, June 03, 2016



    The Fast and the Furious

    3 RFT

    15 Burpees
    400m Run
    15 Pullups


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  • Saturday May 30th

    Squat Therapy 15 Mins



    Partner WOD

    Teams of Two 

    5 RFT

    20 KB Swings (Heavy)
    Row/Run 400 Meters
    20 Box Jumps 
    20 Weighted Russian Twists 
    ME Row or Airdyne x 1 minute
    Rest 1 minute between sets
    Each Partner switches off each movement, so partner one does 20 KB Swings, partner 2 does run 400 meters, and so on.
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  • Friday April 24th




     1) Review and Practice Dead Bug and The Hollow Position from the floor. (10 Mins)

    • Your lower back, butt, and heels should be touching the ground. Think about pushing your belly button to the floor.
    • Legs and arms straight and together with toes and arms pointed.
    • Staying tight, your head & shoulders come off the ground with ears glued between your shoulders

     2) Hip Thrust From The Ground (10 Mins)

    • For this drill lie on the ground with legs up and bent at 90 degrees 
    • Thrust your hips to the ceiling and land with your feet are flat on the ground



    4 Rds of :40 work, :20 rest of

    Box jumps
    Hang cleans
    Bar facing burpees

    Less than 6 months: 8 reps per interval of work

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  • Sunday April 19th


    Squat Therapy

    Wall Squat

    Goblet Squat

    Bar Squat

    Pole Squat



    Teams of Two 

    20 Min AMRAP

    15 Cal Row or Airdyne 20 Calories
    12 Ball Slams
    9 Box Jumps
    Partner 1 will do 15 cal row, partner 2 will do 12 Ball Slams, and continue this fashion for 20 minutes.
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  • Sunday April 12th


    Box Jumps


    Ten single jumps to the tallest box you can manage (safely). 



    “Team Sprint Cindy”
    Teams of 2

    AMRAP 20

    Run 400m
    X rounds of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats

    Partner A runs 400m while Partner B completes as many rounds of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats as possible. Immediately upon Partner A’s return from the run, Partner B heads out, and Partner A picks up at the exact point Partner B left off, e.g., if Partner B has completed 7 push-ups in his fourth round, Partner A starts with push-up 8, then moves on to squats, etc.

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  • Sunday March 29th


    Quads and T Spine



    Partner WOD Teams of Three


    5 RFT


    45 Burpees
    45 Box Jumps
    45 Flutter Kicks
    45 KB Swing

    Rest 2 minutes between sets


    One partner works at a time, and completes 15 reps of each movement, before the next partner does 15 reps and so on. Once they finish 45 reps of Burpees, then they move onto the Box Jumps, and complete 45 reps in total, and then move onto Flutter Kicks , and complete 45 Flutter Kicks as a group, and then 45 KBS, and then rest 2 minutes, and complete for a total of 5 sets



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  • Wednesday March 25th




    Try to find a heavy single




    4 RFQ

    10 Thrusters (50%)
    10 Hand Release Burpees
    10 Box Jumps
    200m Run

    Focus on breathing

    **2min Rest between rounds**

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  • Sunday March 22nd


    Partner WOD


    Box Jumps


    Partner 1 does 21 KBS, then partner 2 does 21 KBS, then Partner 1 does 21 Box Jumps, then Partner 2 does 21 Box Jumps, and so on until both finish 9 KBS and 9 Box Jumps 


    Then right into the following of:

    Row 2000 Meters or Airdyne 200 Calories or Run 1600m
    Break up whatever way each time wants to break up



    DB Squats


    Partner 1 does 21 DB Squats, then partner 2 does 21 DB Squats,, then Partner 1 does 21 Burpees, then Partner 2 does 21 Burpees and so on until both finish 9 DB Squats and 9 Burpees

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  • Saturday February 21st



    Partner Wod

    2012 Open WOD 12.3

    24 Min AMRAP


    15 Box Jump
    12 Push Press
    9 TTB
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  • Tuesday February 3rd




    5 Rds 

    1.1.1 After each rep rack the bar and rest 10 secs

    Rest 90 sec between each Rds

    Scaled Option

    6 KB Squats Each Side

    10 Sits Up After Every Set
    Rest 90 sec between each Rds


    10 Min AMRAP

    10 Wall Balls

    8 Burpees (No Jump)

    6 KBS

    4 Box Jumps

    2 Dips
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