Hang Cleans

  • Saturday, June 11, 2016


    With PVC or EBB Review (10 Min)

    High Hang/Hang Power Clean
    Push Jerk
    Hang Power Clean

    Warm Up (15 Mins)

    Work In Your Teams

    5 High Hang Power Clean + 5 Push Press each
    4 High Hang Power Clean + 4 Push Press each
    3 Hang Power Clean + 3 Push Jerk each
    2 Hang Power Clean + 2 Push Jerk each
    3 Hang Clean
    Hang Clean


    * Increase the load each round by a little

    * The last set of 3
    Hang Cleans should be done around the heaviest lift.

    * These don’t need to be done unbroken. When the loads get heavier, you should definitely be doing them in sets of 1.


    Teams of 3

    3 Min AMRAP High Hang Power Cleans
    3 Min AMRAP Push Press
    Rest 1 Min Increase Weight
    3 Min AMRAP Hang Power Clean
    3 Min AMRAP Push Jerk
    ​Rest 1 Min Increase Weight
    3 Min AMRAP Hang Clean

    One person works— one person holds a plate over their head (45/25) while one person rests



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  • Friday April 24th




     1) Review and Practice Dead Bug and The Hollow Position from the floor. (10 Mins)

    • Your lower back, butt, and heels should be touching the ground. Think about pushing your belly button to the floor.
    • Legs and arms straight and together with toes and arms pointed.
    • Staying tight, your head & shoulders come off the ground with ears glued between your shoulders

     2) Hip Thrust From The Ground (10 Mins)

    • For this drill lie on the ground with legs up and bent at 90 degrees 
    • Thrust your hips to the ceiling and land with your feet are flat on the ground



    4 Rds of :40 work, :20 rest of

    Box jumps
    Hang cleans
    Bar facing burpees

    Less than 6 months: 8 reps per interval of work

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  • Monday March 30th


    Back squat

    3 x 5


    3 x 5



    AMRAP 2 Double-Unders (if you get to 75, move on to…)
    AMRAP 2 Hang Cleans (if you get to 15, move on to…)
    AMRAP 1:30 Double-Unders (if you get to 50, move on to…)
    AMRAP 1:30
    Hang Cleans (if you get to 10, move on to…)
    AMRAP 1 Double-Unders (if you get to 25, move on to…)
    AMRAP 1
    Hang Cleans (if you get to 5, stop.)


    Your goal is 150 Double-unders and 30 Hang Cleans < 9:00. If you finish, your score is your time. If not, score is double-unders/Hang Cleans.

    Beginners: 10 x 3 Hang Cleans resting 30 sec between efforts. Then practice Double-Unders for 5 minutes.

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  • Monday March 16th


    10 Min EMOM 2 Cleans







    Headstand Push-ups 


    Deadlifts @ 60% of your 1RM. 
    Headstand push-ups to no more than two Abmat–otherwise use some version of the pike press

    Workout is Structured as follows:

    AMRAP :75 deadlifts. If you get to 21 before time is up, move on to…
    AMRAP :75s HSPU. If you get to 21 before time is up, move on to…
    AMRAP :60s deadlifts. If you get to 15 before time is up, move on to…
    AMRAP :60s HSPU. If you get to 15 before time is up, move on to…
    AMRAP :45s deadlifts. If you get to 9 before time is up, move on to…
    AMRAP :45s HSPU. If you get to 9 before time is up, you’re done.

    Newer People will do six rounds not for time of 5 deadlifts and 5 pike presses or dumbbell presses. Rest 30s between sets.


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  • Monday September 8th


    Hang Power Clean/Power Clean

    14 Mins to find Heavy Single


    Rest 8 Mins



    8 Min AMRAP

    Hang Power Cleans or Power Cleans (Use 80% of your Heavy Single)




    3 Exercises To Do NOW via Tabata Times


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  • Friday July 25th



    Mental Toughness

    Horrible Hundred 

    Courtesy of Freddy Camacho


    Deadlift, 25 reps

    Hang Clean & Jerk, 25 reps (GTOH with plate for those not proficient with Cleans)

    Thruster, 25 reps

    Overhead Squat, 25 reps (Front Squats or Goblet Squats for those not proficient with OHS)


    20 Min Time Cap




    Learn To Let Go via CrossFit Invictus

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  • Saturday June 28th



    OG CrossFit WOD
    Nasty Girls"

    Partner WOD

    Teams Of Two

    One Partner working at a time

    5 Rds

    50 Air Squats

    7 Ring Dips

    7 Pull Ups

    10 Hang Cleans

    Break up work any way you want


    The Ladies behind the Nasty Girls

    Annie Sakamoto

    Annie was the original and quintessential, “Nasty Girl.” She was the pint size woman who regularly accomplished superhuman feats of strength and endurance. She was so synonymous with CrossFit she even had a WOD, “Annie,” named after her. 

    Eva Twardokens

    Eva T (on the left) had a bit of a different story. She was a two-time Olympic Athlete forced to retire due to career ending injuries. She stumbled apon Greg Glassman in a spin class and was soon to become a “Nasty Girl” shortly after becoming a private client of Glassman’s.

    Nicole Carroll

    The director of CrossFit’s Certification and Training Department. She was a helping hand in training Dave Castro to be in the position he is in now today, the programmer of the Games WODs. Today there are roughly 10-20 seminars scheduled around the world on a weekly basis. Nicole has her hands full!




    The 3 Elements via Breaking Muscle

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