Nasty Girls

  • Saturday June 28th



    OG CrossFit WOD
    Nasty Girls"

    Partner WOD

    Teams Of Two

    One Partner working at a time

    5 Rds

    50 Air Squats

    7 Ring Dips

    7 Pull Ups

    10 Hang Cleans

    Break up work any way you want


    The Ladies behind the Nasty Girls

    Annie Sakamoto

    Annie was the original and quintessential, “Nasty Girl.” She was the pint size woman who regularly accomplished superhuman feats of strength and endurance. She was so synonymous with CrossFit she even had a WOD, “Annie,” named after her. 

    Eva Twardokens

    Eva T (on the left) had a bit of a different story. She was a two-time Olympic Athlete forced to retire due to career ending injuries. She stumbled apon Greg Glassman in a spin class and was soon to become a “Nasty Girl” shortly after becoming a private client of Glassman’s.

    Nicole Carroll

    The director of CrossFit’s Certification and Training Department. She was a helping hand in training Dave Castro to be in the position he is in now today, the programmer of the Games WODs. Today there are roughly 10-20 seminars scheduled around the world on a weekly basis. Nicole has her hands full!




    The 3 Elements via Breaking Muscle

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