Plank Ups

  • Sunday, June 05, 2016

    Active recovery for anyone who did Murph


    Review KB Snatch (10 Min)


    3 RFT

    40 Wall Balls
    20 KB Snatch  (Each Arm)
    8 Ring Row


    10 Rds

    10 Plank Ups
    10 V Ups
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  • Saturday June 13th



    15 Min AMRAP 

    15 Cal Row or Airdyne 12 Calories
    12 Wall Balls
    9 Ball Slams


    Rest 2 Minutes


    15 Min AMRAP

    15 Cal Row or Airdyne 12 Calories
    12 Goblet Squats
    9 Plank Ups

    One partner Working at a time alternating movements

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  • Tuesday May 5th

    Skill/Practice (15 Mins) 

    Handstand Holds/Wall Walks/HSPU 



    3 Min AMRAP (5 Times)

    10 KBS
    10 Burpees
    10 Pull-ups
    If you finish 10 pull-ups before three minutes is up, start the next round, trying to stay ahead of the clock.
    Otherwise, when a given three minute round is over, write down how many pull-ups you got and move out.
    Score is time to completion of five rounds of 10 KB Swing, 10 Burpees and 10 pull-ups OR total number of pull-ups completed


    3 RFQ


    5 Strict TTB

    10 V-Ups

    15 Plank Ups

    20 Hollow Rocks

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  • Sunday March 15th


    T Spine Work 15 Mins




    For time:

    20 Cal Row
    30 Weighted Step Ups
    40 Plank Ups
    50 KB Swings

    Rest exactly three and minutes and then repeat for a total of 6 Rds . Score is time to completion. Record your splits for each round to see how performance sustains or degrades.

    Partners divide work as they see fit

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  • Friday March 6th








    15 Minute AMRAP


    15 KB Swings
    12 DB Lunges
    9 Plank Ups
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  • Sunday February 22nd


    Pull Up Practice and Progressions 15 Min Cap


    • Strict Band Assisted Pull Ups - 3 x 10.  Be sure to pull yourself upward by contracting the lats as. The elbow should be driven to your side. Pull to the front, attempting to get your chin over the bar. Avoid kipping, swinging or jerking movements.

    • Dead Hang Flexed Arm - Get a bench or box so you can easily jump up and get your chin over the bar. Then hold that position for about 10-20 seconds. Ensure you have an excellent hollow body  position with your toes out in front of you, stomach, butt, and thighs tight.

    • Negatives - Similar to the Dead Hang Flexed Arm jump up so your chin is over the bar; then very slowly and smoothly lower yourself to the bottom lockout position. Try not to just let go at the bottom – this is usually the sticking point for many athletes.

    • Ring Rows - Grab the rings with a closed grip and lower your body so it is parallel to the ground with arms fully extended. You should be in a straight line from the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles.  Pull your chest to the rings, moving your body as one unit.  Touch the rings to the chest and lower back down so the arms are completely straight. The lowering should be controlled but not 'slow'




    20 Min AMRAP


    Row For Distance
    Every 250m do 10 Plank Ups



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  • Tuesday February 17th





    Rest 3 Mins between each one

    5 TTB
    125m Row
    5 HSPU
    KB Swings
    14 Russian Twists with Med Ball
    7 DB Squats

    10 DB Step Ups
    10 Plank Ups
    HSPU Program via Breaking Muscle​
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  • Wednesday January 7th



    Work up 2 Rep Max Push Jerks

    Points of Performance

    ·      Stance is hip width 
    ·      Grip is shoulder width
    ·      Path of Barbell is straight up and down
    ·      Elbows are down but in front of the bar
    ·      Bar is in contact with your shoulder
    ·      Overhead your midline is tight and you have active shoulders
    ·      Torso remains in a vertical position during dip drive
    ·      Athlete re-dips under the bar allowing for more weight to be lifted
    ·      Athlete receives with active shoulders and a tight midline




    Toes to bar
    Shoulder to Overhead



    20 Side plank raises (right)
    20 plank-ups
    20 Side plank raises (left)
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  • Monday December 29th



    5 Rds

    Pause Goblet Squats 8 Reps

    Rest 45 Secs

    Zottman Curls 6-8 Reps                               

    Rest 45 Secs




    10 Min AMRAP


    10 Ring Dips
    15 Box Jumps (24,20)
    10 Plank Ups





    MB Jack Knives

    MB Russain Twists
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  • Tuesday November 11th


    Option 1

    5 Rds

    Goblet Squats 8 Reps Rest 45 Secs

    DB Floor Press 6-8 Reps Rest 45 Secs


    Option 2

    1 Rd

    Back Squats 20 Reps


    3 Deep Breathes at the top of every rep




    3 RFQ:


    10 V-Ups

    15 Plank Ups

    20 Hollow Rocks/Holds
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