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  • Saturday, June 11, 2016


    With PVC or EBB Review (10 Min)

    High Hang/Hang Power Clean
    Push Jerk
    Hang Power Clean

    Warm Up (15 Mins)

    Work In Your Teams

    5 High Hang Power Clean + 5 Push Press each
    4 High Hang Power Clean + 4 Push Press each
    3 Hang Power Clean + 3 Push Jerk each
    2 Hang Power Clean + 2 Push Jerk each
    3 Hang Clean
    Hang Clean


    * Increase the load each round by a little

    * The last set of 3
    Hang Cleans should be done around the heaviest lift.

    * These don’t need to be done unbroken. When the loads get heavier, you should definitely be doing them in sets of 1.


    Teams of 3

    3 Min AMRAP High Hang Power Cleans
    3 Min AMRAP Push Press
    Rest 1 Min Increase Weight
    3 Min AMRAP Hang Power Clean
    3 Min AMRAP Push Jerk
    ​Rest 1 Min Increase Weight
    3 Min AMRAP Hang Clean

    One person works— one person holds a plate over their head (45/25) while one person rests



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  • Thursday May 28th



    Choose one pull exercise: Muscle Clean, Power Clean, Clean
    Chose one push exercise: Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Split Jerk

    (15 min)



    5 Rds

    30 Weighted Lunges (15 Each Leg)
    15 Pull-ups

    Scale Option #1: Overhhead Lunges.  Bands are okay for pull-ups but NO KIPPING ON BANDS
    Scale Option #2, DB Lunges and 10 Pull-Ups. Bands are okay for pull-ups but NO KIPPING ON BANDS
    Scale Option #3: Body weight lunges and ring rows

    Cash Out (Optional)

    4 x 10 alternating dumbbell curls (10/side)

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  • Friday May 8th


    Front squat

    3 x 5

    Add 10/5lbs FLT



    6 RFT

    BB/DB Bear Complex (deadlift, hang power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, push jerk) x 3

    Rest 1 Min Between Rds

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  • Tuesday March 17th










    3 RFT


    7 STOH
    14 Ab Mat Sit Ups
    21 Wallballs
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  • Wednesday February 25th

    "And jumping and getting under it is all I remember doing until the bar got overhead and everything then went off mute and what seemed like the entire gym went into an uproar. My eyes were squeezed shut – my heart exploding - and the weight of the bar was nothing; it felt held up by everyone else in the room.


    I have played those seconds over and over in my mind, when the bar got up over my head.That perfect feeling of triumph was so full-body and surprising, I nearly fainted when I released the bar back down to the ground. And it went like that four more times. Four times of jump, get under it, CHEERS and extreme flashes of accomplishment. When the last second ticked off the clock, my team came over and huddled around me crying from my experience too.


    They were crying!


    Because really, it’s all any of us can do: give our all whether we’re at the top of the leader board or only able to report a few reps. Being able to squash doubt and give everything is the highest thing we can hope for. And that’s recognizable at any level."


    Push Jerk





    Every 3 minutes for 21 minutes complete:

    25 Mnt Climbers (Each Leg)
    50 Single Unders
    10 Push Ups
    30 Flutter Kicks 

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  • Tuesday January 13th




    Push Jerk/Push Press

    15 Mins to find Heavy Single


    Rest 10 Mins



    8 Min AMRAP

    STOH (Use 60-70% of your Heavy Single)

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  • Wednesday January 7th



    Work up 2 Rep Max Push Jerks

    Points of Performance

    ·      Stance is hip width 
    ·      Grip is shoulder width
    ·      Path of Barbell is straight up and down
    ·      Elbows are down but in front of the bar
    ·      Bar is in contact with your shoulder
    ·      Overhead your midline is tight and you have active shoulders
    ·      Torso remains in a vertical position during dip drive
    ·      Athlete re-dips under the bar allowing for more weight to be lifted
    ·      Athlete receives with active shoulders and a tight midline




    Toes to bar
    Shoulder to Overhead



    20 Side plank raises (right)
    20 plank-ups
    20 Side plank raises (left)
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  • Wednesday June 18th


    Push Jerk

    • Less Experienced athletes will do 5x5 with empty bar.  If technique is good then add weight on the 4th/5th set



    • Quick shallow dip with an upright torso
    • Catch the bar overhead with arms fully locked out



    4 RFT


    15 Ring Rows

    10 Side Hip Raises

    15 Box Jumps

    250 M Row



    Pause Squats via Breaking Muscle

    Hollow Body and Core Strength via CF Southie

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  • Wednesday, January 29th

    Double under crew



    Push Jerk






    4 RFT

    6 Kettlebell swings 35/44#

    12 Thursters 65/95#

    6 Pull ups


    Post load and time to comments.



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