• Sunday April 12th


    Box Jumps


    Ten single jumps to the tallest box you can manage (safely). 



    “Team Sprint Cindy”
    Teams of 2

    AMRAP 20

    Run 400m
    X rounds of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats

    Partner A runs 400m while Partner B completes as many rounds of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats as possible. Immediately upon Partner A’s return from the run, Partner B heads out, and Partner A picks up at the exact point Partner B left off, e.g., if Partner B has completed 7 push-ups in his fourth round, Partner A starts with push-up 8, then moves on to squats, etc.

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  • Tuesday February 3rd




    5 Rds 

    1.1.1 After each rep rack the bar and rest 10 secs

    Rest 90 sec between each Rds

    Scaled Option

    6 KB Squats Each Side

    10 Sits Up After Every Set
    Rest 90 sec between each Rds


    10 Min AMRAP

    10 Wall Balls

    8 Burpees (No Jump)

    6 KBS

    4 Box Jumps

    2 Dips
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  • Saturday June 28th



    OG CrossFit WOD
    Nasty Girls"

    Partner WOD

    Teams Of Two

    One Partner working at a time

    5 Rds

    50 Air Squats

    7 Ring Dips

    7 Pull Ups

    10 Hang Cleans

    Break up work any way you want


    The Ladies behind the Nasty Girls

    Annie Sakamoto

    Annie was the original and quintessential, “Nasty Girl.” She was the pint size woman who regularly accomplished superhuman feats of strength and endurance. She was so synonymous with CrossFit she even had a WOD, “Annie,” named after her. 

    Eva Twardokens

    Eva T (on the left) had a bit of a different story. She was a two-time Olympic Athlete forced to retire due to career ending injuries. She stumbled apon Greg Glassman in a spin class and was soon to become a “Nasty Girl” shortly after becoming a private client of Glassman’s.

    Nicole Carroll

    The director of CrossFit’s Certification and Training Department. She was a helping hand in training Dave Castro to be in the position he is in now today, the programmer of the Games WODs. Today there are roughly 10-20 seminars scheduled around the world on a weekly basis. Nicole has her hands full!




    The 3 Elements via Breaking Muscle

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  • Sunday June 8th


    "Old Man Strength"

    1x20 Deep Breathing Squats.

    Take your 10-rep max back squat (approximately 70-75% of your 1RM)
    and squat it twenty times.

    In between each squat,
    you must take three deep breaths.

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  • Tuesday June 3rd




    Power Cleans/Hang Cleans


    • Athletes who’ve been doing HPC, will progress and move to power cleans, as long as mechanics are sound (solid catch & rack position). If there's any doubt, stick to hang power cleans to work on proficieny.

    • New athletes will work on the hang power clean  



    11 Min AMRAP

    1K Row/ 800m Run

    75 Squats

    50 Sit Ups

    25 Burpees




    Be Happy   via Tabata Times

    Are You Strong Enough via Power Athelte HQ

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  • Monday March 31st

    “It’s just a workout man. Just go out and do it.” – Josh Bridges


    Front Squat (2/24)



    • Less Experienced athletes will do 5x5 with empty bar.  If technique is good then add weight on the 4th/5th set



    • Proper Set Up with Bar on Shoulders and in the finger tips
    • Increase the weight each working set



    “Out Like a Lamb”

    Complete as many rounds as possible in 4 minutes of:

    10 DB Thrusters

    10 Ring Rows

    10 Kettlebell Swings

    Rest one minute and repeat. Start the 2nd  round where you left off in the previous round. Post total rounds/reps. 


    When in doubt SQUAT via Chet Morjaria

    5 Reasons you should be Front Squating via CrossFit Invictus


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  • Sunday March 23rd

    • REMINDER: Squat Clinic 101 on Sunday 10AM-11:30AM. No 10AM Class or GOAT class. Sign up here

    • REMINDER: New Class Schedule goes into effect on April 1st.  

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  • Thursday March 20th


    Front Squat  (3/17)



    • Use the same weight for all 5 sets.
    • Weight should be "heavy" but still fast coming out of the hole
    • Ensure Bar is racked properly with elbows high and bar resting on shoulders with loose fingertip grip


    ​Newer Athletes

    Pause Goblet Squats with Kettlebells



    • In the bottom of the squat pause for a 3 count 
    • Stand up driving through the heel with a vertical torso
    • Use the same weight for all 5 sets.
    • Be Sure the KB is held against the chest


    Push Press   



    • Increasing weight for all 5 sets
    • Bar is resting on the shoulder with elbows in front of the bar (lower than front squat)
    • Tight Core & Active Shoulders 
    • New Athletes will work with an empty bar focusing on:
      • Setting up properly in the rack with proper grip
      • Athletes should work on higher rep scheme and if technique is good go up on the 4th/5th set



    ​Newer Athletes

    People with mobility issue will Perform DB Push Press with the same rep scheme


    Cash Out (Optional)

    Core Work

    Hollow Body Holds or Rocks


    Plank Holds


    Double Under Practice





    Kids and Training via Tabata Times
    Water via Mobility WOD
    Yeah Burpees  via Box Life Magazine
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