Nutrition Seminar/CrossFit Open this weekend


Don't forget about our upcoming Nutrition Seminar with Kit "Eating for Energy" this Sunday now at 11:15AM


On Sunday we will be holding our regularly scheduled class at 10AM for those of you who cannot make it in on Saturday to do the CrossFit Open Workout 14.1. Likewise, if you'd like to come in to cheer on your friends, act as a judge or get some mobility work in before the seminar, you're more than welcome to come in at that time. 

After the seminar, we will be providing food from Cross Cuisines, so you can get a sample of the goods and to prove that healthy food doesn't have to be boring and tasteless. 


In an effort to help us prepare for the seminar, please sign up in advance, as you normally do for all classes.



CrossFit Open 2014


For those of you unfamiliar with the Open, the Open Workouts will be done over the next FIVE weeks through March during our Saturday classes. The Open sets the tone for finding the fittest on Earth! While many people balk at even participating because they fear they can't do certain movements, we encourage you all to come in and test your fitness within our community. It's a fun atmosphere and we'll make you feel like you're Rich Froning or Sam Briggs - cheering and encouraging you throughout the workout and having you set up with a judge! We will provide scaling options for everyone so that you can all participate. 


We will have a sign up sheet for each Saturday workout by the whiteboard. 



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