Monday April 21st



Gymnastic Kipping (20 Min Cap)


The below is courtesy of Shane Farmer and CrossFit Invictus


Step One - The Hollow Position

  • Your lower back, butt, and heels should be touching the ground. Think about pushing your belly button to the floor.
  • Legs and arms straight and together with toes and arms pointed.
  • Staying tight, your head & shoulders come off the ground with ears glued between your shoulders


If you can hold this poistion we can move to the next step.  Other wise lets work on some simplier progressions.


  • Start with your legs straight and feet together laying on your back.
  • Squeeze your big toes and heels together.
  • Place your arms, palms down, at your sides.
  • Lift your shoulders up off the floor while squeezing your ankles, quads, and gluteus.
  • Hold for 20 – 30 seconds
  • If you can hold for 30 seconds, go ahead and bring your arms overhead keeping your elbows locked out and rotating through your shoulders. Be sure to keep your shoulders off the ground.


Once we’ve established a strong hollow position we can begin working to strengthen our arm and shoulder engagement in the kipping pull-up. An important aspect of the kipping pull-up is that our lats (the semi wing looking muscle on the back of the armpit) and subscapularis engagement play a large roll in connecting to the bar once we’ve started accelerating with the hips


To be continued next week






Run 200 Meters or Row 250 Meters
8 Box Jumps
20 Hollow Body Rocks

Rest 4 minutes then


Run 200 Meters or Row 250 Meters
12 DB Cleans
12 DB Push Presses



Why We Kip via CrossFit Jornal

Kids Are Not Small Adults via Breaking Muscle

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