Friday June 20th


Is it your shoulders or hips giving you problems with your OHS?


Overhead Squat



  • If you are struggling with OHS (coming onto the toes, knees caving in, issues overhead.etc) focus on technique - keeping the torso upright, bar centered over you and perfect squat mechanics. Work w/empty barbell and light weight; Do not add weight if your mechanics are off. 
  • If you've been doing OHS and have good technique, see if you can add some weight
  • Newer athletes only work technique with PVC or an empty bar



12 Min EMOM

Odd: 5 DB Bench Press

Even: 5 TTB

Rest 2 min


8 Min EMOM

Odd: 7 Box Jumps

Even: 7 Ring Dips 



Yoga and Deadlifts via Tabata Times

Is Technology Hurting or Helping via Marks Daily Apple

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