Jay Higgins


Background: Born and raised in Greenwich, CT.  He was active and athletic for most of his life competing on the collegiate level in wrestling. It wasn't until his mid 30's that health and fitness took a back seat.  Year after year he became more and more out of shape until the fall of 2009 when his doctor told him he was officially obese.  This wake up call got him motivated to start eating better and going to the gym.  After 10 months he had lost over 20 pounds but was starting to get bored with the monatony of weight machines and treadmill. On the suggestion of a co-worker he decided to try CrossFit.


Crossfit: On Oct 9th 2010 Jay took his 1st class at Hybrid Athletics was hooked. Working out ceased to be a chore and actually became fun, thanks to friendly competition and camaraderie. He looked forward to the classes everyday and it became one of the most important hours of his day.  He began learning anything he could about CrossFit programming, technique, coaching and nutrition.  It was after a year of doing CrossFit that Jay began thinking of sharing with others what he had found and had had such a huge impact on his life.


Coaching Goals: To help people achieve a high level of fitness that improves the quality of their lives while having a blast.  To teach people how to overcome their own individual barriers (physical,mental and emotional ones) so that they learn new things about themselves regardless of age and athletic ability. To witness seeing “everyday” people of learn to do things that they once thought to be impossible. 



CrossFit Level 1 Certification

CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting

CrossFit Strongman Certified

CrossFit Gymnastics Certified

Outlaw Weightlifting and Training Camp 

The Art of Coaching Weightlifting

B.S. from University of Connecticut 

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified